"WHAT DOES GAY LOOK LIKE FROM 10 FEET AWAY?" is a zine of images taken and edited by me. The subjects photographed are members of the LGBTQA community, and they are shown inside their own domestic spaces with their personal objects. This zine aims to end stigma of certain objects being "gendered" by creating a space in which queer is normalcy. "10 FEET" is a metaphor for how people in public spaces construct opinions, biases, and stigma against people who do not conform to the gender binary. 

"Barely There" is a zine of artworks submitted by any and all different kinds of people who currently or have ever identified as "female." The aim of this project was to create a platform for marginalized artists to show their work. The zine was sold for $7 a copy and proceeds were donated to Planned Parenthood. Artist feature in the zine include: Athena Rigas, Morgan Strahorn, Ariana Vaeth, Julia Memoli, Nilam Sari, LaNia Sproles, Naomi, Nat Raum, Jenay Crispin, Ryah Freih, Final McDonald, Brittany Kanabar